November 18, 2016

GaryVee – Side Hustle and Just Doing, A Testimony

GaryVee... If you don't know who he is, you should. He runs Vayner Media, a digital agency, and has invested in companies like Facebook, Twitter, Uber, and Birchbox. He's got a work ethic that is unmatched, and is amazingly successful. He's the kind of person you want to listen to, and right now he's talking about Side Hustle. 

Ok, enough ass kissing. You may be asking, "What does he have to say to ME?"

Here's your answer...

4 Side Hustles You Can Start From Home

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Gary is a huge promoter of hustle. It seems as if he lives by it. So it's no wonder that he constantly promotes having a side hustle. And so,

Right now, he's spending a ton of time advocating garage sale eBay selling. It involves buying things crazy cheap at garage sales or thrift shops and reselling them on eBay for a huge profit margins. He's got his whole audience involved, which is amazing, because,

Here's the thing about side hustles, people don't realize how easy it is to start one. This blog costs money to run, with hosting, themes, and plugins required to run a quality site not coming free. When I decided I wanted to start this site, I had known about eBay selling for a little bit, but I thought it wouldn't work for me. Until I asked myself, what do I have to lose? It was eye opening, and,

I took what Gary was saying, and I did it. I didn't worry about making mistakes, I just started doing. I found items around my house that I didn't need and I listed them on eBay (and some other sites) and they sold. Then, 

I took a trip to Goodwill, and bought a bunch of name brand clothes for super cheap, like $1.50 or $2.00. They sold for 10 or 20 times what I bought them for. 

My first three hundred dollars made on eBay were what paid for me to start this site. 

This sounds amazing, and trust me it is, but 99 percent of you will read this and just go back to your daily, boring life. 

Don't be a part of the 99 percent.

Sitting here reading about side hustles will get you into the stands, but until you start acting and working at them, you will never reach the field. Because, 

The value of doing is the most important factor in success. 

The value of doing is the most important factor in success.

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