November 6, 2016

The Value of Hard Work – Steven Van

Steven Van is, one could say, a Renaissance man. He is also one of the hardest working people I know. At only 15, he is doing big things, and here’s why you should know who he is:

A) Steven is hard working. He is driven. He started his YouTube channel with a laptop that took hours to render a just five minute video. Yet where 99% of people would have quit, Steven worked harder. He constantly improved his content and made it more original, resulting is an extremely fast growth for his channel.  screen-shot-2016-11-05-at-8-00-21-pm

B) Steven is young, doing big things. At only 15 he runs a YouTube channel with over 40,000 subscribers. He is a talent agent for Scale Lab Network, a large talent network. He is also the Cinematographer for Astrum Official, a clothing brand.

You can see his work here.

C) On his main YouTube channel, Steven makes tutorial videos to help those who want to start a YouTube channel (maybe some of you?) His videos cover a huge amount of topics: thumbnail tutorials, advice videos, intro tutorials, and so much more.

Head over to see it all.

D) By far one of the most popular series he has is his SV Spotlight Series, where he searches for underrated YouTubers and highlights them in a video. (sound familiar?) His dedication and loyalty to his fans and his constant support is a major factor in keeping his fanbase active.

E) Steven has a second channel, Van Films, where he posts cinematic videos. They are very well edited and beautiful to look at. The fact that he manages to do so much work for his main channel, and then turn around and make these artistic videos is very inspirational. It shows that you can be a workaholic, and creative, at the same time.

F) What makes Steven so unique is his interest and expertise in so many different fields. He provides quality content on many different subjects, yet you feel as though he dedicates all of his time to the subject he’s explaining. He is a modern day, digital Renaissance man.

G) An important part of who Steven is is apparent on his twitter. His DM’s are always open, he is always down to talk, to anyone, no matter how popular he has become. This genuineness and down to earth attitude is what makes him so likable.

H) Speaking of being likable, Steven has attracted many brand deals or sponsorships through his YouTube channel, proving that age is not a factor in sponsorships or any online endeavor.

I) Steven also seems to enjoy fashion, consistently wearing brands like 1340 Collective Co and Astrum.

J) Finally, Steven is an inspiration to all of us under the age of 18, because he’s a living, breathing, working example that we can be successful before adulthood.

We chose Steven as the first creator we spotlight because he is an amazing example of the hard work and dedication needed to be successful, in anything. Hard work is the greatest skill you can have. 



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